French Hobbyist/Freelance Artist
Splatoon and Omega Strikers player
Post art every even day except when I take a break with friends or family
Do not repost my art

Quick Info

* French/English
* Paypal only, Invoice only
* Payment requested after sketch is valided
* Check my Twitter/BlueSky bio or Commission Form to know when it is open
* Contact me on Twitter DM or fill the Google Form
* Check my Credits and Art use
* No I won't do art for free in exchange of exposure
* I only do ArtTrade with close friends
* I have the same rights on Commission art than my normal art
* I will post the commission
* If you do not like my TOS, please, look for someone else, don't get angry at me

Won't draw

* NSFW, suggestive poses or expressions, french kisses are limit-limit
* Disturbing Fetishes
* Problematic stuff
* Extrem Gore (Injuries such as just a cut and blood is fine for me to draw)
* Non simplified mecha


Normal bg5€10€15€
Simple bg2€2€2€

* Gallery
* Added character: +1/2 base price this character cost
* 3 characters max per digital work
* SmallBody character (Chibis, Animal Crossing, ect...) will cost as much as Halfbody if you want a Fullbody
* if nothing is said, Flat and Fullcolor headshots will always have a simple background with it, but it won't add to the cost
* Headshot cannot have normal background
* Sometimes, the requested normal background will be considered as a simple background or will cost less (5-7€) due to it's simplicity
* Refund depends of how far the drawing is (more is done, less refunded)
* Character Sheet: 40€ (30€ for SmallBody characters)
* Border drawings of a Character Sheet heavily depends of the character's details and abilities
* Character sheet are fully allowed to the reposted for obvious Character reference purpose
* Emotes costs as much as fullcolor headshots (15€)
* The three first of a bundle cost the normal price, then rest will cost twice less (7.5€) as long as they are from the same bundle (requested and paid at the same time)



* Gallery
* Validation sketch is made on a separate paper to mark the special paper less
* no refund available after I start working on the special paper as it would become useless if commission get canceled in middle of work
* Basic size: 10x15,5cm
* Higher size: 15x21cm: +10€
* second character: +12€
* 2 characters max per traditional work
* Normal background: +10€
* Simple gradient around character: +2€


Option 1Headshot-like: 15€One Sided halfbody: 25€
Option 2Halfbody-like: 20€Double Sided: 30€
Addthree more of the same design: +5€Fullbody: +10€
Addthree more only twice 

* Commish these only if you are ready to give me your adress, or a pickup adress
* Only one charm per month
* Drawing done digitaly, items are handmade homemade once printed
* You can be partly refunded only as long as the digital drawing isn't finished. No refund if the letter get lost or damaged as I cannot know for real what happened and when
* The digital version of the item commissioned will be sended as usual
* Keep in mind that CMYK changes more or less colors
* My printer might smudge black ink here and there despite multiple cleaning, I will do my best to reduce unwanted ink as much as possible
* Also cut/smoothed by myself, I will do my best to do good, but it wont be perfect
* One sided charm will have the back painted black with my signature
* Two sided charms will not have modified picture
* No fixed size between stickers/charms of different designs


+ Can I repost your art ?
- No, I do not allow repost even if you paid the commission (EXCEPTION: Character sheet)
- A picture of the full content of a commissioned letter stuff isn't considered a repost (still credit me <3)
+ Can I use your work for AI ?
- No, I do not allow use my work for that, no matter if my work is a WIP or finished art
+ My Commission is a gift to someone, will they be able to use it like Commissioners are allowed to ?
- Gifts are welcomed and the use will be the same as if they commissioned it~ Would highly appreciate to have a mention of it so I can @ the person in the credit/thank post or at least be aware someone else share commission permissions
+ Will you show how the order is going on ?
- I will first send you the sketch to wait for your validation and send you an invoice. After this, I normaly send the finished art when it is done. However if you want, you can ask me the current state of the art, if I stopped to work on it for the rest of the day I likely won't be able to send the current state of the commission, and so will send you its current state the day after, when I will go back to work on it
+ Why does the refund depends of the work done so far ?
- Because I worked partly or totally on your requested commission. So please before commissioning me, ask yourself if it is ok for your wallet to commish me. If you cancel your commission, I will refund the undone part of the commission, and will give you the art at its current state
+ My Charm/Sticker is not as good as industrial ones >:(
- Please keep in mind that my handmade homemade items are not as wonderful as industrial ones.
The paper for stickers stick really well, but that's it, no coat, and my printer likes to mess the colors and spread randomly some black ink, I do my best to prevent, or reduce that. Everything is cut by myself, with scissors. I do not use resin, and do not want to depend of a manufacturer
+ Any version of the art without Watermark ?
- I do not do that, hope you can understand


* If you do not like my TOS, please look for sometone else <3
* Do not repost my art, thank you
(Exception: Character sheet, and I may be ok with commissioned art that get old)
* No version without watermark
* By commissionning me you agree to my TOS even if you did not read them, so would be nice to check them <3

I don't allow:

Steal, trace, copy, color change, repost, sell of my art, NFT/AI and anything similar to any of this
* for videos ask me before (I can accept for AMV and art discovery videos, always credit me <3)
* Ask for other specific things, I may allow depending of how you use them
* Having an account called by a character name or show title does not allow you to repost my art of this character/show
* The presence of my watermark doesn't mean you are free from needing to credit me. My watermark is my own credit, not a credit you mention about me, so please, give credits

For Commissioners

* If my TOS does not please you, I would thank you for looking for an artist who have TOS fitting your wills and needs <3
* Please refrain yourself from posting my art, at least in a site/Social media I am active on (I use Twitter, BlueSky, Instagram, Tumblr. I stopped to use Devianart, however I would thank you for not posting art on a site that is used as an AI picture grabber) always give proper credits (for exemple; if you use furaffinity, you technically can post your commission here, with proper credit)
* Character sheets are ALLOWED to be reposted on sites I am active on due to the obvious nature of the use of a ref
- I may allow repost of non character sheets art of your own commission on sites I am active on if the art get old (around a year later or so (I really don't like repost that's why it is so long))
- I may allow group artists share
- You can use the commission as:
an icon, banner, wallpaper, youtube miniature & video (as long as you do not serve offensive causes) a personnal non-profit project, personal print for home
(no Print on demand sites use)
* Emotes can be freely used as such by the Commissioner.
- Other people obviously can use them on the Commissioner's Server/Channel
- Other People with Nitro, Twitch Subcription or similar can use emote in other Servers/Channels if the Emote comes from the Commissioner's Server/Channel
* If you have any will in mind that isn't written here, feel free to ask me, I cannot think of everything, and a use you have in mind may be allowed <3
* The general "I don't allow" from above also applies for Commissioners if I did not talked about these specific points here, in the "for commissioners" part
* I have the same rights on commissions I have drawn than my normal (not commissioned) drawings

Wallpaper, Icon and Bannerokok
Non Profit project needing illustrationnook
For Profit project needing illustrationnoDepends
of the use
Repost on a site I am active onnoUsually no
, Ref ok
Repost on a site I am not onnook
Stream layout decorationnook
Stream emotenook

Youtube Miniature
Gift I made
for you are ok
Youtube Art Videookok

Other Youtube Videos
Gift I made
for you are ok
NFT, AI, Similarsnono
Copy, steal, trace, edit, sell, PoD, [ect...]nono

Always give credits

FanZine and Collabs I decide to work in have a special treatement
due to the nature of the work and it's use
Participated in:Plus Ultra retro ZineInkcon ZinePokeDog Zineand in smaller collabs, usually for fun grouped art.

Extra Specie
is a specie of my creation. I won't gatekeep this specie,
which means the design is not limited to mine.
My stuffs are "Official" ones, and are gathered in a Doc list
I put in adoption my creations to any person interested by the design I can make
Owners are allowed to do anything with their Extra
as all I do is a design and a specie context